Vendor FAQ

Q: So how can I become a vendor with a Twelo Shop?

A: Twelo is the sustainable marketplace - ecological ecommerce is our byword. We welcome all sellers of products that embrace these values. Crafters, artisans, artists, antique sellers, recyclers, or any other small run makers or sellers. If your product can be sold on etsy, it can be sold on Twelo.


Q: What cant I sell on Twelo? 

A: We dont allow the selling of any products that have been animal tested, or that do not tick one of our eco boxes (see our mission for more info). Our mission as well as helping the planet and it's inhanbitants is to do all we can to help change the way ecommerce can be done, so we also require sellers to use recyclable packaging wherever possible.Be part of the Twelo movement!


Q: How much can I make selling on Twelo? 

A:That is all down to how many products you have to sell, how popular they are, how strong your brand is, and how much effort you put into your promotions. Our commission rates are among the lowest anywhere, and that includes the fact we make a contribution from every sale to one of our environmental projects. See our environmental projects here


Q: Can I sell on other marketplaces as well?

A: Of course you can. We do not try and stop people using other sales channels in any way. All we ask is that if you are selling elsewhere or on your own website, that the prices are the same on for those products.


Q: Will I be helping the planet selling on Twelo?

A: Yes you absolutely will. While we are early into our planet saving journey we have big plans. From recycled packaging,to delivery logistics and potentially an electric vehicle delivery solution (aka Twelo EV logistics!). On top of that we are the ONLY marketplace who pays an amount from every single sale (out of our own commission) into a planet saving project. 


Q: So how can I start selling? 

A: Its simple, just sign up using this vendor registration link here and as soon as your account is activated, we can get started with uploading your products


Q: How do I photograph my products?

A: A lot of sellers will be selling already on etsy or maybe even ebay; in that case you can reuse your product images. If you dont sell on there you can follow our ecommerce product photo guide here


Q: How much should I sell my products for?


A: Pricing your products is a personal thing. Because our products are often unique or limited in number, be sure to price your items realistically 


Q: Can I upload my products from a csv file I already use for other sites?


A: Yes, if you provide us with a UTF8 csv file and supply images in a zip file we can import your products straight into your twelo shop! Please note images need to be of a suitable quality and format and product descriptions, descriptive. We can work with an export file from pretty much any other platform so please just email us using the contact us form and we will contact you with what we need to get started.


Q: How do I add my products when I have a vendor account?


A: Please see our comprehensive seller guide here


Q: I am going on Holiday, how do I put my store on holiday as I can't fulfill orders?


A: No problem, just use the holiday dates calendar in your vendor admin panel


Q: How do I deal with customer complaints or a refund request?


A: Just use the RMA section of the vendor admin panel where you will see all pending requests, or contact our support helpdesk who can help you resolve the problem.


Q: How do I get paid then?


A: Twelo works 30 days in advance, so for example if you joined on January 1st 2020 , you would be paid out on February 29th for januarys sales, then on the last day of every month from there one, (so at the end of each month). The reason we have to run 30 days behind is to protect ourselves from chargebacks to your store or other issues that could leave us in a negative equity position on your sales balance. 


Q: If I go for the paid plan when do you take the money?


A: Twelo shop monthly fees (where applicable) are due on the 1st day of each month and will show as a negative balance in your vendor balance until they are settled. To pay them just click the paynow button.