Traditional Furniture Mix and Match with Modern | The Ultimate Mega Guide!

mix and match furniture

Your table needs to be prepared for any event, whether it's a quiet breakfast, a snug family meal or a formal dinner party with friends.

A thoughtful approach to creating the perfectly balanced dining table, with just the right ambience, is by mixing old and new; vintage and modern.Traditional Furniture and Accessories Plays Modern Styles!- Mix and Match your dining furniture for the perfect ambience!

Adding a little vintage furniture and touches into your dining furniture is an amazing way to create a more undone, eclectic look, however it must be done thoughtfully so as to not look too mismatched! The method of mixing old and new furniture is also a great way to showcase a special designer piece, a gift, or an inherited family heirloom — or simple to showcase a daring piece of designer furniture you’ve accumulated! Here are 10 inspiring examples where the perfectly matched balance has been achieved, along with some little tips on how to add vintage pieces to your modern dining area, or how to modernise your table!

This dining table is the perfect mix of cosy and chic. The vintage wooden table, with the centrepiece candles looks outstanding against the ultra modern wire chairs!

The mix of the simple square chairs and table top contrast stunningly against the two end stools and the intricate detailing of the table legs and chandelier, creating a cosy , effortless look. A perfect example of colourful mismatching working well! and creating a unique look for the room.

The eclectic pop of colour from the chairs and lights really brightens up the otherwise simple dining area, also making the neutral wooden table stand out.

The classic silhouettes of the lights and jars, used as plantpots, and candles effortlessly contrasts against the modern table and chairs. Using vintage designer tableware, or a centre piece, is a brilliant way to add a touch of vintage elegance to your table!

Lighting can change everything! Although the colour is modern, fitting with the rest of the dining area, the iconic chandelier undeniably adds a vintage touch to the dining room.

If you're feeling daring, a way to refresh your already vintage dining area is by adding a dose of colour through the use of funky coloured chairs! They'll be sure to grab attention and add a splash of modernism to your dining table.

Additionally, when looking to refresh an area and make it more modern, think about what surrounds the dining table. Here, the blackboard full of doodles adds some eclectic modernism into a basic vintage dining area!

Use designer cushions with funky patterns to modernise older pieces of furniture, such as chairs to easily re-energise the furniture and put it at the end of your dining table to give it some new life!

Even when the dining table, chairs and tableware are all classic pieces, the use of an ultra modern designer lamp hanging over the table instantly gives a modern atmosphere. Beauty doesn't have to be complex!

Last hot tip of the day is to Mix and match modern and vintage chairs to easily create an edgy look, creating the ideal atmosphere, whatever the event. Do it!! and don't forget to tell people you read it first on!!


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