Small Patio ideas and Porch ideas - Ultimate Guide

small patio ideas

The ultimate guide for small patio ideas and some fantastic ideas for your porch design too!

Inspiring Patios & Front Gardens to Motivate Your Spring Makeover!

Springtime is the perfect time to give your porch or front garden some love. Even if it’s just a tiny patio or porch to the entrance of your home, you’ll love refreshing the first thing you see as you reach your house!

The ideal combination of outdoor ornaments, greenery, and seating is sure to bring your outdoor space back to life after a cold winter! Jump into spring with these awe-inspiring ideas.

The tiny patio area of this apartment shown below uses a simple colour palette, with splashes of pale green and pink, creating an amazing place to relax and unwind after a hard day.

Also, the simple beige bag around the plant pot gives the space an effortless feel, whilst the rug makes the outside space feel warm and homely!


Here, the blue colour scheme, matched with the wood decor, creates a coastal vibe, perfect for sitting out and enjoying a cool drink in the springtime sun in! This look is very much on trend in 2017 and will most certainly grow and mature through 2018. Don't miss out! Get some coastal stuff to make your house cool here Coastal Homeware that we love!




Spring is the perfect time to make the front garden stand out with an eclectic mix of flowers. Different types of plants, and heights, creates depth and gives each plant it's own definition within the space! Place your favourite piece in a stunning designer vase to make it catch the eye of anyone who walks past.


Candles are a great way to add to the relaxing atmosphere of an outside place. Mix and match different colours to make them stand out even more!

A seasonal fruit tree is a perfect addition to any garden, adding colour and uniqueness. Place the tree into an eye-catching designer plant pot, or keep it simple with a beige pot!


Using cool plant pots is a surefire tried and tested way to spice up your outdoor space,

Although shown in the picture situated in an indoor space these Nuclear planters are perfect for adding the wow factor to your outdoor patio or garden area!



Patterned and coloured pillows



Hang a throw over your patio furniture to add some colour to your patio. The blue creates a cool seaside feeling!

Adding a bunch of plant pots and jars in front of your door, or a wreath hanging from your door, is an amazing way to make your entrance stand out. Adding a sign is a fun way to make the outside of your house feel more cosy.

A bright patterned designer rug is a good way to add dimension to a small place, helping create a contemporary look this spring!



A unique serving tray is ideal to store things on, as well as making your patio table stand out and adding a touch of uniqueness. It’ll ensure you make more of an effort to enjoy the warm weather this spring and summer!

A bright colored miss-matched palette creates an undone and boho look, perfect for spring, as well as summer. Cushions are the perfect way to do this!


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