Twelo Returns policy


For most products, you have 14 days to notify or the Twelo Shop who sold you the product – if you want to return or exchange the item and another 14 days to send them back. The return period will expire 28 days from the day on which you receive the goods you have ordered. This applies to cancellable goods (there’s a guide below to help you see what’s cancellable and what is not cancellable).  'Twelo' or 'The Twelo Shop' refers to the retailer who sold you the goods, respectively Twelo Ltd, or a 3rd party seller on the Twelo Platform.

How to cancel your order, or return or exchange a product

a. outlining this to (using our contact form) or the inependant Twelo shop directly by signing in to your account, clicking ‘my account’ at the top of the page, clicking ‘my orders’ within this menu, picking the order you want to return and then clicking on ‘order details’ on this page you can start a conversation with the seller using the message box at the bottom of the page; OR

b. ask us to do this on your behalf - note that this may add a delay with the extra step added to the process. You can do this by going to your account > then orders > then next to the order you wish to return, click the returns button. Once you complete all this information and submit the return, the Twelo returns team will contact you via email with details of the next step for your return. Once you have notified Twelo and opened a return case, you will need to;

a. 14 days after the day the product is received by or the Twelo Shop and this is confirmed to us; or

b. if earlier, 14 days after the date you provide evidence that you have returned the product to the Twelo Shop; or

c. if there were no goods supplied, 14 days after the day on which you informed Twelo or the Twelo Shop or us (via Step 1 above) about your decision to cancel your order.

Please don’t destroy or throw away any product and/or where relevant the external packaging, even if it’s faulty, before you’ve spoken to the Twelo or the Twelo Shop and agreed that doing so won't affect any refund you may be entitled to. As a general rule all products need to be returned in unopened condition in original packaging to qualify for a refund.

Please note that you are liable for any diminished value of the product resulting from the handling of the product in any way other than that which is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the product while you are responsible for it (this includes, in the context of a return, when the product is in transit back to Twelo or the Twelo Shop ).

Please note that if you request to begin the performance of a service during the above cancellation period that you will be liable to pay for the service you received prior to your communication to us that you intend to cancel the contract. This may apply to you if you have purchased an experience with us.

Twelo itself and all Twelo Shops comply with our returns policy, giving you peace of mind when ordering. If you have any further questions, please get in touch and speak to our customer service team.


What you cannot send back

Unfortunately, some items are non-cancellable and non-refundable by their very nature:

  • Anything that’s made to your specific requirements (ie: outside of standard customisation options offered by Twelo or the Twelo Shop to all customers), is personalised or otherwise can't be resold due to a bespoke element
  • Perishable products (like food or flowers)
  • Creative pieces that are specially commissioned when you place an order, like art, sculpture and ceramics
  • Personal items sold with a hygiene seal (like earrings, cosmetics or underwear) where the seal is broken.

To avoid disappointment, please check whether an item is cancellable or non-cancellable before ordering. This will normally be shown in the product description but if you are in doubt send a message to Twelo or the Twelo Shop and check if the product is returnable.