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Homeware is an ever changing arena, and the gladiators are the trendsetting designers, shops and individuals bringing these new and existing products to the market.

This defacto ‘Designer Homeware Trends for 2020’ guide from based on our years of experience in the industry and because it is our job, and our way of life to know what is hot so we can help bring you the hottest homeware accessories, designer homeware products , fashion accessories and luxury gifts!!

The markets are interwoven in many ways, and we spend a LOT of time researching to bring you the hottest homeware guides on earth!! So, without further ado, let the guide commence:

Interior Design trends 2020

1 – Things in the colour greenery

‘The’ colour company Pantone awarded the title of colour of the year 2020 to a very zesty shade of green.

The colour, which is aptly named Greenery, is described by Pantone as a "tangy yellow-green" that is often seen in foliage.

This refreshing take on Green fits with the earthy themes that are becoming ‘on trend’ in 2020and will continue into 2021 and beyond.

After all, nature is humankinds companion and these tones seem to bring an inner peace to people when used inside our houses.

Greenery is a tangy yellow green that Pantone say is

"Illustrative of flourishing foliage, the fertile attributes of Greenery signals one to take a deep breath, oxygenate and reinvigorate."

You can incorporate this colour into your room in the form of fabrics, Colour of the Year or papers, or furniture.

2 – Butterfly décor , wallpaper, wallart

Butterflies have always been beautiful creatures, but they have started to show their wonderful colours in more and more cutting edge interior designers works. A few of Twelo’s favourite picks for this year as in the images below. You can bring wonderful colour pallettes and intricate design together with the use of butterfly fashion!!

A truly timeless and elegant interior design tip for show stopping ‘room power’ in 2020 and beyond.

Below is a beautiful aged look butterfly draw unit.

And the uplifting effect of a butterfly themed wall.

3- Mixed patterns – Geometric Prints and Patterns

Geometric prints are truly showing a strong presence in 2020

Very complex and mesmerizing on the eye. A well laid out room using geometric feature wall or cushions such as these ones can make for a knockout room!

Geometric Cushion
Geometric cushion 2

4 – Concrete furniture and fixtures

Concrete has an strong role in many architectural masterpieces going back through time. When used cunningly in home design it can be a super edition to any room or room design.

Check out these amazing Lyon Beton cloud toilet roll holders

Cloud toilet roll shelf

, or to spice your patio up how about this amazingly cool Lyon beton nuclear planter.

Lyon Beton Nuclear Planter

Concrete is also playing a strong roll in many cutting edge kitchens. It is more prevalent in the USA at the moment but we are hoping to change that! Take a look at some of these amazing concrete worktops.

They are mainly seen in very high end kitchens, but that doesn’t have to be the case, it is available to the masses with some creative practical skills, a lot of time and a few tools.

But don’t be under any illusion, it isn’t cheap or simple like doing a laminate or wooden kitchen worktop, it is a very labour intensive process requiring moulds to be made, special resins added and fibres to the mix, re enforcing bars, re enforced kitchen units, and after all that, probably 12 hours plus of very messy specialist machine polishing!!! But we think the results are well worth it!!

5 – Amazing Florals

Flowers have always been a thing of beauty. 2020 sees this as no exception, and interior designers are getting ever more daring and colourful with their ideas.

The overall importance of flowers in interior design is significant, as flowers are a simple and subtle way in which we can make an interior design statement as well as adding charm and warmth to a room, their presence can infuse a space with colour and vitality. Flowers can adapt to various contexts – from a discrete finishing touch to a lush centrepiece display – and are often a well-deserved, indulgent and much enjoyed treat.

In addition, they help to imbue a room with a sense of life, enhancing its ambience and character.

Floral furniture , and floral wallpapers like this can turn a room into a centrepiece,

6 – Marble Accents

Marble is a very timeless, elegant medium and has always made a strong showing in some of the finest residences that the world has to offer.

It is more and more becoming a feature in more affordable design layouts, often used as an accent to the rooms main theme.

Marble wallpaper can add a real element of awe to a room.

7 – Artisan Items 

Artisan is becoming more and more on trend with each year. We don’t ever see this changing so you must bring it into your life by whatever means possible!!

Mass produced items have none of the love, the craftsmanship or the exclusivity that can be found in more artisan products.

Here at Twelo we advocate Made in England products very heavily, and artisan products with the same vigour. Not everything that is artisan is affordable, and we strive to offer affordable designer homeware that everyone can afford

So it is about striking a balance. Sometimes, small production runs can actually mean that a product makes it to market, the designer makes a living, and we run successful sales with the item. But certain product types like some art, or homewares are all unique, for instance our concrete products from Lyon Beton are all handmade and will all have very small differences.

How we think of Artisan makers!

There is a crossing point from Artisan to Artist and we err on the more value for money edge of the scale. That is where our mad skills comes into play, sourcing and finding you the most awesome but also affordable products from a wide range of makers and brands. With exclusivity can often come huge prices, well we try to get the best of both worlds, exclusive artisan products at prices that you can afford as a normal person!!

8 – Raw White –

As designers turn ever more towards artisan hand made products in 2020, you will see the emergence of ‘raw’ whites says interior design expert Katy Ash of Ash interiors, Sheffield. ‘Raw white looks very earthy and hand made.

The natural and organic look is where texture really does work because a plain white surface can look very mass produced and sterile if it is completely smooth.

When done right, raw white can maximise the space available and is very popular in some of the small build apartments in major cities like London, where space is at a premium but design is also a big factor. It may be a small room, but it has to look BIG and AMAZING!

9 – Folding rooms and appliances – less is definitely more as we move into the new generation of modern living. Particularly in big cities where living space is ever more expensive, people still want beautiful homes, but need to adapt to smaller spaces.

Particularly first time buyers. Check out some of these amazing folding rooms and folding appliances!!

Folding Shower to maximise space!

Folding bathroom!!
Cutting Edge Hideaway popout kitchen!

10 – Smart Home Gadgets

Smart homes are not fully understood by the masses yet, simply because the technology is in its infancy relatively speaking and it is not fully integrated into the average persons life.

However it is becoming more and more commonplace in daily life and in new property developments.

Smartphones – Probably most of you reading this article have a smartphone, with apps on. Well these are becoming more and more integral into the modern home.

See our top ten list for smart home technologies, and watch these items develop over the coming few years into mature and ‘expected technologies’. Expected as in people expect them rather than actively seek them out as an addon.

1/ Smart home security (smart locks)

2/ Smart Heating Controls/thermostats

3/ Smart Solar

4/ Smart Lighting

5/ Smart décor!

6/smart home theatre

7/smart whole house audio

8/smart garage

9/smart cctv system and alarms

10/Smart kitchen appliances

See our full article on smart home technology must haves for 2017 (coming soon..)

11/ Copper décor –

A strong trend that has been seen during 2019 and we believe will become more prevalent in 2020 is copper being introduced into room décor more and more.

It has been said before that copper is the poor mans gold!! We don’t agree with this because the rich are also using copper into their room designs! It has a beauty all of its own from it’s deep colour and can be fashioned into pretty much any item you care to think of.

Take some inspiration from some of the examples shown below and try and incorporate some copper into your home life!!

12/ Parquet Flooring

13/ Wood effect Tiling


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