Customer FAQ

Customer FAQ

Q: How can I contact Twelo or a Twelo Shop owner?

A: All you need to do is visit the Twelo Shops main page, and click the contact icon to send the seller a message. Or use the Contact Us form to contact

Q: Is a vendor a seller?

A: Yes, a vendor is the same thing as a seller or Twelo Shop. 

Q: How can I return an item?

A: Please see here for information on requesting a return. 

Q: How long does delivery take?

A: This is down to each individual Twelo Shop and nothing to do with Please check the information on the product page in question and delivery options , delivery times and delivery costs will be listed on there. 

Q: If you call yourself the sustainable marketplace, all products must be Eco friendly then?

A: Twelo has the goal of improving the planet and environment as one of our core values. Not all of the products sold on the marketplace would be classed as eco friendly but the way in which they are sold be as Twelo Shops and Twelo Sellers abide by the Twelo Marketplace rules which aim to encourage recycled packaging, minimise shipping journeys, be handmade where possible on top of the fact that every single item sold on Twelo contributes an proportion of the sale towards our monthly Eco and Planet friendly causes. Twelo is working on creating our own planet saving charity which will funnel money into good causes and help spread the word about our brand. We are eCological commerce.