5 Great Ways to Freshen Up Your Tables Decor for Spring!


5 Ways To Freshen Up Your Table's Decor for Spring!

Although snow has barely left parts of the UK, Spring is well underway. With summer coming soon,you can begin to add colour, incorporating gorgeous pastels and bright accents on the table once again!

Continue reading to find out the 5 things we think will improve your spring tabletop.

Blooming Branches!

You only get a short amount of time to showcase blooming branches, so springtime is a great time to incorporate them into your kitchen decor! Allow them to grow tall and place them in your favourite designer vase alongside, or atop, the kitchen table to create a fabulously unique display, creating a fresh take to traditional flowers.

Use Bowls, Jugs, jars and anything else funky!

Varying heights of pots, bowls, vessels and jars create an exciting, slightly edgy,  look. As seen in the tabletop below/above (delete as needed), the designer porcelain vase and jars contrast against the other white canisters, whilst the elegant yellow flowers bring a pop of springtime onto your table!

Think Colours!

Add some colour to your simple tabletop with sets of colourful placemats, cups and dishes! Create a marvellous edgy look by mixing and matching different colours, reminiscent  of the beautiful spring outdoors. It’ll definitely feel like springtime when you’re dining surrounded by your favourite vibrant home decor!

Fruity Highlights!

Adding a bowl of seasonal fruit is a surefire way to brighten up the mood of the table, as well as encouraging your family to have a healthy snack, or to bring back at dessert! Most fruits are visually appealing so you don't have to focus on one fruit or type of fruit, just whatever you like to eat!

Additionally, the colour will lighten the table’s palette, perfect for spring. Place the fruit in an attractive fruit bowl to create an eye-catching distinctive centrepiece.

Make your own Home Bar!

Beyond the main dining table in your kitchen or dining room, a brilliant idea to help create more open space and encourage conversation is by making a casual bar by the entrance! Store drinks and allow guests to socialise and enjoy a drink whilst you perfect the meal before serving. Keep a couple of simple plants and pieces of fruit nearby to add some colour, and it’ll be a focal point for many guests and a future inspiration that they will most likely copy next time they are hosting!!!

Or you can go large and create something like this amazing rustic home bar setup located under a wealthy bankers Kensington townhouse!!


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