Twelo plans to launch NOTHS rival marketplace in march 2018

Twelo marketplace set to launch in early 2018, bringing amazing opportunities for independent sellers..

Twelo Marketplace set to Launch this year

Well, keep your ears pinned folks, has grown to the level where we are now launching a marketplace for independent sellers that will win out over the competition by offering our seller companies much lower costs to sell than our competitors, whilst offering an awesome new platform update!

Here at Twelo we have been working hard over the past 4 years building the company name into a brand. It is a high competition arena and we have risen through the ranks to the position where our Search Engine results are now matching some of the big player.

Our niche is design focused homeware, gifts and arty type products. We have had a lot of requests from some of our suppliers to harness our brands power to create a marketplace for independant and designer sellers. A sort of a cross between NOTHS (not on the high and farfetch.

We like the choice of a big independant seller marketplace but also want some hot on trend items offered to you with the backing of our brand and ease of our mega fast delivery options.


From this.....

bricks and mortar market

To this

Multi seller marketplace


So whats the benefits for our Vendors?

  • currently charges 25% PLUS VAT commission on each sale. That clearly makes competitive pricing impossible so many vendors resort to selling only specific products on NOTHS so that they can also sell products at lower prices on their own website. With Twelo, that won't be needed.
  • Twelo will be offering amazing designer brands direct from suppliers in addition to Independent companies who will be able to have their own shopfront on the Twelo Marketplace. This will mean better prices for buyers and better margins for sellers!


But why will it benefit my business to sell our products through Twelo?

Many companies do not have the time, money or manpower to build and maintain an efficient eCommerce web presence. It is a long game type of undertaking and can really force small independents to take their eye off the ball (their products) and actually lose business rather than gain it. Twelo have a well established online brand and can kickstart a companies online efforts and give them their own webshop on our dominant platform.

In addition to this, the more that Twelo Market Sellers promote their shop, the more sales they can generate, and sellers can receive Promo Awards from Twelo in recognition of their marketing skills which can include special feature slots for varying time periods on the homepage of this powerhouse site! In addition to lots of other possible bonuses which will be announced when the marketplace goes live.

Twelo uses the latest server and coding technologies and our site is built to be easy to use for our vendors, and easy to shop on for customers.

How much does Marketplace cost?

Twelo marketplace will operate on a monthly fee basis. With an initial sign up cost of £99 to cover store setup. Fee structures will be based on sales numbers but will for the average business cost £79 per month, plus transaction costs. There is no commission taken from your sales costs!!  Yes, you read that right. Twelo will take no commission from your sales, it is a fixed monthly fee based on number of sales. This will equate to much less than our rivals charge and will benefit our sellers massively.


What else is there to know about the Twelo Marketplace?

Industry leading Search Engine Promotions are the bread and butter of Twelo, this will benefit our sellers significantly.

Advertising - once the marketplace is live we will be running massive social media and other platform advertising campaigns.

The more products you place on your store, the more prominent your products will be in Google and the other search engines, and resultantly the more sales you will make!!

Twelo is the first design focused marketplace for independant sellers, and will be also the first marketplace to actually care about it's sellers, rather than behold them to a huge list of draconian criteria! Please watch the Twelo Blog for updates on the Launch which is scheduled for March 31st 2018.

Or use our contact us page to become an early signup.

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